Working together, towards healthy and flourishing communities

Message from the Chair

Dr Larry Jordan
Compass Health Chairman

This is the year in which the Integrated Care Collaborative alliance with the DHB really started to gather momentum. Hospital staff now have access to a shared care record, and reciprocal access for GPs to hospital records is imminent.

The health pathways programme has been highly successful and promises even greater things in future. Often when pathways are developed, all concerned can see that patients will be better off if more services are provided in primary care. The challenge is freeing up funding to support the extra activity - this has happened now with DVT and cellulitis management, and more programmes are expected to follow.

A highlight of the year has been the move to having mental health coordinators based in practices wherever possible: resulting in more patients being seen more quickly, at their local practice.

Financially, we ended the year on a planned loss - using reserves to deliver more to practices and patients.

Annual Report 2015

Financial Summary

For the year ended 30 June 2015.

Capitation Revenue $48,485,660
Other Contract Revenue $19,973,896
Total Revenue $68,459,556
Provider Fees $54,451,207
Other Expenses $14,153,504
Total Expenses $68,604,711
Net deficit $145,155

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