Working together, towards healthy and flourishing communities

Message from the Chair

Dr Larry Jordan
Compass Health Chairman

The increasing pace of change in 2015/16

The pressures on general practice from an ageing population, workforce gaps, increased care complexity, accreditation standards, inadequate funding, and technological change, are mounting, and the pace of change shows no sign of abating. Compass Health supports practices to adapt as necessary to maintain and strengthen their role as 'the heart of health care'. Over 95% of our 59 practices are now on the Cornerstone accreditation journey, a NZ first for a major primary care network. We've supported 9 practices to adopt a Health Care Home model of care, with early gains in improved patient experience and hopes for an impact on acute hospital demand. Our practice management services have been extended to additional practices to give clinician owners peace of mind around business services.

We won contracts to develop a regional approach to Hepatitis C management, and to trial a collaboration with Weight Watchers to improve weight management in a primary care setting. The Primary Options for Acute Care service has started to deliver results, with nearly all DVTs now being managed by primary care rather than ED. The easy access primary mental health model is now fully implemented, with therapists based in larger practices, reducing average wait time from 6 weeks to 5 days.

Financially, we hit our planned business as usual budget surplus of $5,431, and invested $521,280 from tagged reserves resulting in an overall deficit of $515,849. Compass Health ownership investments in Kelburn Medical and Northland Village continued to pay a dividend in the 10 ‐15% range. We have continued to make more of the available funding available directly to practices through flexible practice plan payments.

Collaboration has been a key theme, with Compass Health working with local PHOs and DHBs on community service integration, information sharing, and joint contract bids. Nationally we worked with leading PHO networks to advocate for primary care oriented mental health services, funding for enhanced models of general practice, and enhanced information systems.


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